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Who's this indian bread?!

NAAN is the pen name of a Puerto Rican born and bred comicker and designer, whose real name shall forever remain a mystery. Primarily influenced by Japanese animation and comics, her background is also in linguistics and languages, along with graphic design. She goes for the hardest ones in the former and for the maximalist ones in the latter.

She can usually be found working on her webcomic Legendary Beings Ara & Celi, a fantasy comic involving some of her favorite topics: angels, demons and language. She is currently working on a Spanish translation of her own comic. In addition, she's also working on a pitch involving an all-girls' American football team.

She is also the founder of the Aradia Collective for Magical Girl Comics, a comic collective dedicated to creating, promoting and archiving original magical girl works. NAAN is designer, manager and moderator for the collective, having been part of their first major project, ARADIA BEAT.

She was previously hired to be the letterer for One Peace Books' Usotoki Rhetoric, before being ceremoniously replaced three months later for reasons to remain secret.

She enjoys dissecting and analyzing characters within a world setting, and her work reflects a character-based methodology, in combination with esoteric symbology, language play, and obscure references.

Her favorite things in the world include Dadaism, mythology/religion readings, linguistics, decorative fonts, 80s new wave, the jpop band globe, Alphaville (the band) and Falco of Austria.

Despite all her skills, NAAN is generally not considered impressive enough to be remembered or hired. So mind the self-loathing, enjoy the art and be on your merry way!

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To contact NAAN directly for any commercial work, please email her. She will not accept any other correspondence.

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