Little chibi of the mascot Jadine Rhine.



2023 | web / print | Aradia Collective for Magical Girl Comics

Colorful cover that features the orange-haired character, Ashley Altars, who’s modeling a cute denim jacket, with interconnected hoop earrings and a green striped shirt. On this cover are featured an ad about a free paper doll inside, two circles that show off two respective stories with their respective taglines: “Buy your dreams and dress FIT FOR A QUEEN!” “Come fly away with THE BUTTERFLY GIRLS!” Then another announcement in the bottom right corner that talks about a quiz with the topic “how to navigate your crush as a TEENAGE WITCH.” At the top are the logo ARADIA BEAT: VOLUME ONE: TGIF THE 1990s, with the text MAGESTIC DEBUT ISSUE! next to it. (Magestic → magic + majestic)

ARADIA BEAT is the name of a brand new anthology magazine, dedicated to works based on the magical girls genre. This campaign is for our first issue, packed with an assortment of stories, games and illustrations. We hope to create a new page in comicsdom by showcasing the possibilities of the genre across borders and across the spectrum!

HOME SITE (coming soon)

Contribution: Eight-page story titled "No Walls in the Head!" In addition, logo duties, magazine and Kickstarter assets, editor, book and layout design.

Currently in shipping stage. You can still see the Kickstarter campaign:


2013 | web / print | 13Crowns Studio

Color picture. Beige background with skull-themed frames on all four corners, with the middle featuring a female figure pierced with arrows, also framed by an oval. Below this is text that says GHOST BOOK, a 13 Crowns Production.

SPOOKY & WONDERFUL, this compilation book is comprised of 79 artists, with both illustrations and short comics pertaining to a ghostly theme. 108 pages, over 100 of which are art!


Contribution: Four-page story titled Guardian Ghost. You can read the comic here.

Out of print. You can still see the Kickstarter campaign:


2012 | print | IDW

Color picture. Features a little girl whose face is obscured by her hair, walking with a notepad in her han. She's a small figure in comparison to her booming shadow, who's posed like a heroic figure complete with cape. Inside this shadow is a collage of multiple different art styles, all mushed together to represent different artists coming together to represent, I don't know, hopes and dreams or something.

A large-scale anthology showcasing the works of women in comics. Features over 150 women of all experience levels, How-To sections from pros, a Kids/Teens section and pages dedicated to some Iconic female comic creators of the past.


Contribution: One page story, colored by Nei Ruffino.

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