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The ones that are tricky to put elsewhere, so here they go. Includes one fanbook, two guest art contributions and a cover deal.


2022 | web lookbook | Jadine Rhine Studios

As an Uta Macross player, there were some singers that I'd hoped would make it into the game someday. One of those was Ishtar from Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: LOVERS AGAIN. In 2019, after a year and a half of playing, I decided to create a (fan) fashion catalog of possible costumes and hypothetical events associated with the costumes. This book contains three years of work and has debuted on May 28th, 2022.


You can download the free DRM-free PDF at the following places:


2017 | web/print/sound comic | JetFalco

The power of Dreams built the planet of Mondrea, but all that remains of that power is a whisper. Follow Falco on his journey to discover how that whisper can become a roar.


Contribution: One page color illustration of the characters Ainsley and Virgil.

You can buy this trade paperback in multiple forms:

FAUX FACTS - The Truth Can Be Strange! vol 4

2012 | print | Zorilita

Our lovable group of misfits are back for another set of strange adventures in this volume of Faux Facts. When an ordinary bake sale fuels raging feuds among the students, Rosemary and the other girls suspect a magical reason, but is Puck really behind this? Or could it be something else? Satellite and Daisy spend some quality time together at a convention, before the new arrival of rainbow, a former friend of Daisy’s, turned superstar. Both Lilac and Helena have an encounter with the other side. Our girls definitely have their hands full juggling the mundane with the insane!


Contribution: One page color illustration of the characters Tigerlily, Helena and Ophelia.

As of this writing, still in stock over at Mary Bellamy's store:


2011 | novel cover | Jacob Henzel, through Fantasy Island Book Publishing

Life as a package courier may not be the most glamorous of lifestyles, but it has its thrills and chills for Sakuri. When a ex-mob boss requests a delivery through her employer, it becomes life or most certainly death for the young woman, as strangers chase after her to ensure its destination unreached.

In an attempt to protect the package, Sakuri puts on the gauntlet found within the cracked case - only to discover that once attached, the device is not so willing to be removed. Now Sakuri must contend with earthly foes and a malefic force heralding from beyond the stars seeking the device for itself.

Contribution:Cover illustration.

Status unknown, but check out the Goodreads page.

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