Little chibi of the mascot Jadine Rhine.


25.January.2024: I took the time to create the massive links page. It still needs to be edited, and more links added, but good enough for now!

10.November.2023: It's a miracle, hallelujah! Jadine Rhine Studios has received an update?! And a rehaul?! And it WORKS ON MOBILE WITHOUT LOOKING GROSS AND WEIRD???

I could say it took only a year but in reality, it's like a decade of suffering lol. I hate desigining for mobile, and the only way around that is by using templates. Unfortunately the amount of hammering I do in the customization stage always destroys my sites in some fashion, so I rarely do it much and instead try to work within my limits...but man, I just got tired of seeing a garbage site and passing that along as a professional portfolio. As such, la-dee-da, here it is! JRS, 3.0!

This new version is also 100x easier for me to update constantly, as opposed to dealing with Wordpress and bloating it more and more. So hopefully I can actually update it when I need to now, instead of waiting for the next site rehaul to do so!

I hope you all enjoy taking a ride through my site! I still need to do my links page but later lol, I'm tired, good night, zzzzzz

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